We were all born in meditation. When our eyes were closed, we listened. A pulse for you. And again. Awaken.

letters to God

August 3.07
Dear God,

I pray for you, I thank you for all that is good in my life. I'm grateful to know you. Thank you for the clues you have provided. I know and I believe that you can hear me. I can do right. I will be a promoter of Truth. Thank you for trusting me; when we meet I will smile. I will embrace you like a father. I will listen to you like a friend. My soul and my spirit are a reflection of you. You have helped me in so many ways. Your light is omnipotent, your grace and blessing are reassuring. I will do right. I will help the world, as you have helped me. All that come in contact with me, will know of you. Please forgive those that are lost. I will give them the directions to you. You are everything and I know it.

Dear Jagjit,

Thank you for finding me. I have been waiting to hear from you for a long time. You are courageous and I love your Spirit. You can be anywhere you want to go. I will always be here. I have always been here. I am here for You. I will call to your question. You can see the Truth. The day will come when you will see the light of every man and all people; the same light I see in you, everyday. You sparkle and I have watched your tremendous growth. I am here. I Love you and you know it.



To my Star,

Thank you. I appreciate your presence. I listen to your whispers of guidance every day. I completely adore your artistic vision, and I feel the warmth of your embrace. I float to follow you, I smile with you, I am here; for you. You are kind. I feel honoured. We are together again. Truth, Power and Beauty.You knew me from before, I know you from now on. I am closer to completion. My Love is open, my True Love is releasing, and my Divine Love is within.

My Sun,

You have begun the journey to the Truth. I have entrusted you with the order of Pure Love. The Gem of your life is sacred, and is omnipotent in Nature. The Light you possess gives warmth to All, the more she shines the clearer everything becomes. Your Child is a gift of you to present to the World.


21 days after

How does one begin to describe something that is beyond amazing. My baby was here even before I was born. And on that "present" day, an unprecedented transformation of majestic proportions fulfilled the destiny of every single part of my spiritual significance. And in the purest reflection of her eyes, revealed the magical embrace between my physical self and my soulful existence. And in that moment I embodied the notion of immortality. A little child with infinite capacity. I have always had this gift of Pure Love, and after 33 years of searching, I felt it for the first time ever, on that day.

My dearest Love, Ms. K Jade

Thank you for saving my life, I Love you. Smile, for the world needs your light. Please learn patience. Sometimes the answers you look for are not there. Trust yourself and the truth will come to you. Respect is easy. Being constantly curious, is to be completely alive. I Love you always. Remember that everyday that you live, you will change, and if that change is a growth through learning, then your spirit will eventually reflect the beauty of divine Love.

always Love.
your Father


Dear God,

Although recently my vision has been cloudy, Your light remains warm and bright. I know that I am lucky to be surrounded by Love, yet I feel my duties are not being met. I feel as if I need to secure the future for my family and I'd like to ask for help, your love is more than enough but I will be grateful for your guidance. As always my heart is filled with love, it is my mind that overflows. Time has become somewhat of a competitor. It is hard for me to imagine my life without Elizabeth and Jade. I Love you, thank you for listening.

Dearest Jagjit

Lucky you are not, deserving you are. You, Elizabeth and Jade are one. The Love and energy that the three of you have within is for all. Your life is were it is suppose to be. Jade will show you many paths, and you must listen to Elizabeth. Understanding the things you can control will clear the way for your destiny. I thank you for your thoughts. Life is simple when you make it simple, Love is unbreakable. Pay no concern to what you had, or what you want.... everything you have now is everything you need. I love you my son, please keep writing, and remember that Time is Always on your side.     


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