We were all born in meditation. When our eyes were closed, we listened. A pulse for you. And again. Awaken.


The expression "Falling asleep" reveals to us that our "sub" conscious lies so deep,
that upon impact; one will awaken.

We were all born in meditation.
When our eyes were closed, we listened.
A pulse for you.
And again.


I'm not a writer I'm not a printer, but I can write and I can print. Energy is power and the power of words can drive us anywhere. I 'd like to say "imagine this.." or "picture this"... or "what if?" Just come with me, and get lost and find what appears to be new, but ends up being that which was in your possession the whole time.

For example, picture this: imagine trying to remember part of a dream in which you were looking for a, tiny key, to a small door, of a little closet, by the back wall, in a dark room, down the narrow stairway, to the basement, at an old house, up the road, near the street, just around the corner, from where you were. Only to realize that the ever-present circle eludes you.

August 2009 - Now is a Mask

The Illusion in the mirror does not breathe.
The reflection in the water does not sleep.
Take me away from myself.
I found me in a place close to home.
Describe yourself now, because soon you will change.
Lay dormant for a while to see through windows.
Discipline comes through repetition.
Patience requires little effort.
Ideas were not meant to have a price tag.

October 6, 2007

Beautiful Interpretations and Information Transformation

Our dreams are the only formations of reality, that we as divine living spirits can manifest without worldly direction. For what was created has happened, and happened as it was meant. In retrospect within worldly vision, the influence of illusion is the haze that is leftover. The understanding of 'what it is', can only be realized 'when it is'. When it "was" leaves a gap between what you know and what you thought. A revelation of understanding is achieved in the instance that it has occurred. For what one gains in life, remains so until one removes or suppresses it. To harness the knowledge you receive from your dreams, you must be spirited to allow this enlightenment to penetrate the flesh of the awaken state. Your spirit is beyond the complexities of human mechanics. The human form and construction has been set up with a defense pattern. Every spirit is without form, thus negates any means of defense. All have power of spirit, but chose not to release the energy, for fear of flesh. Our human body is only a small part of who we are. We are conditioned to believe that touch makes the feeling. One can feel anything before physically touching it. A recognized spirit that is released becomes a positive attraction to all, and the magnitude of that magnetism is the divine power that we have all been given.


There have been many times that I've awoken within my dream, in a past situation. I think the key in discovering something in your past is to first be aware of where you are. Once a person attains a lucid state in their dream, they must be purposeful, and target a solution.

I have read several articles about lucid dreaming. I have found that with a little practice, you can guide your dream to any imaginable place. Although, if you try to control your dreams too much and if you dis-allow your mind to flow, it can all vanish. You have to find "triggers", which are indications or circumstances that allow you become aware in the dream state.

I have conducted several experiments, while I have dreamt.
(if you get a chance to become lucid, try these things out)

1) Flying:  Probably the easiest thing to do. You will only start to
descend if you try to manipulate it too much, or become too excited.

2) Try to look at the moon: I was so successful in this attempt, that not
only did I see the moon, but I also saw the reflection of it in water.

3) Looking in the Mirror: Successful, however don't stare too long as your
body and face will start to transform/distort. The whole experience can be freaky.

4) Light switch: Try to turn the lights off, they say it can't be done because light is
a direct indication of time, and time is determined or calculated differently in dreams.
I've tested this several , and it seems to be true.

The following are experiments are yet to be done:

1) Feel my Heartbeat: placing my hand on my chest in hopes that it will reveal my heartbeat

2) Covering my Eyes: I'm hesitant because this may lead my mind to an unknowing
abyss, that I may not be aware of, I will try it nevertheless

3) Visit My Grandmother: She has passed away, However making contact would be
enlightening, however my guess is that one cannot control that. In this case I hope to
make contact without searching. In other words.... she will find me.



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