We were all born in meditation. When our eyes were closed, we listened. A pulse for you. And again. Awaken.


...and then we became a Star... The planet is filled with clues. The mass-consumption of our resources indicate a driving need, similar to that of an explosion. For instance, the burning of fires ( in whatever form) happens constantly. The fuels, the smoke, the bullets are its element. An explosion is seen by us as a quick transformation, however, time as we know it is relative. From a Tsunami the stretches the Earths crust, to a global incubation of heat can be seen as a gradual Explosion on a cataclysmic scale..............Unfortunately this apocalyptic way of thinking can be thought of as counter-productive and/or anti-religious. March 14, 2006

I say , in simpler terms, We as Human Beings are meant to Shine, brighter as we will, when together we will explode into a Star

The gap of my lives are being bridged. From what I know now to what has been lost from the beginning. Never on my own could I remember my Time as an infant. The inaugural years from my birth are being given back to me through my new born daughter. Just one of the many gifts this child holds. Her presence has evolved my awareness and appreciation for Time. Everything is more enriched in the centre, and as I gaze into the reflection of her Light, I feel the gravity of the Sun moving around her. The Universe as I know it, has unveiled a true foundation. An origin, to reveal both the destiny of ones destination and the ever learning of ones journey.Many of my conditioned influences are becoming more evident as I try to pass along guidance. Time and space now have their place.


March,15 2006

The Equation of Religion

Basically you have TWO Choices:
YES, you believe in God (or whatever y'wanna call Him) and
NO, you don't believe in God......

So....There are FOUR scenerios:

1) YES you Believe, and there ends up being a GOD
= 100% salvation ( you go to heaven , or whatever)

2) YES you Believe, and there ends up NOT being a GOD
= Neutral or Zero, nothing is affected nor happens to you

3) NO you DO NOT Believe, and there ends up NOT being a GOD
= Neutral or Zero, nothing is affected nor happens to you

4) NO you DO NOT Believe, and there ends up being a GOD
= 100% damnation (you'll be burning in a lake of fire, or whatever)


Your odds are better to believe, worst case scenerio for you is a Neutral state........

Thesis: Religion is fickle and fragile, The Politics of Corruption lay in the hands of the Appointed Members of the so-called "Sainthood".( eg. Priests, Rabbis, Clergyman, Preacher, Minister etc) No one on this Planet, needs approvals of blessings or a performed ritual to validate their faith. Not even from God Himself. I believe it has already been given to us, most of us just don't know it. Religion is simply: Stories with a happy ending. I say we all f--king "Grow Up" , and awaken from this fairytale.


Purpose is tricky, because it is difficult to see purpose without a starting point. One has to accept the virtue of the unknowing. Time and timing in our delicate journey does not budge. The rights of passage will continue whether you are aware or not. So a backward or reverse exploration is not entirely viable. Missing pieces and unfinished thoughts can misguide the journey. Each turn makes a path, and sometimes the path is not clearly marked unless marked by oneself. It can not be thought of as journey if you do not have a heading.


My thoughts in words....

I wish to cry in the ocean. May the wave of my tears resonate so that the coastline of all of the world can be drenched with my love.

To expand my soul to all lands so that maybe somehow YOU will know that I cry for you just as I pray for all.

I'm too old to be strong, too young to be wise, I dwell in darkness. The Devil in disguise...

My loss, my heart is emptied in an instant. Fragile and black, dark and quiet, my tears fall and explode on impact. A soul shattered.

Questions are made up, the Answers are already there.

Religion is a man-made distraction, Faith cannot be taught, it can only be discovered.

It is within us: the heart of our Spirit will reveal the answers......

The expression "Falling asleep" reveals to us that our "sub" conscious lies so deep, that upon impact; one will awaken.

One day, when it ALL changes;  ... I will be there.

How does a world full of hurt, stop the pain. If we can become neutral among ourselves, then segregation will fail. I am you.

I am married to the world, I believe my Love can grow so that all can share in its splendor.

Close your eyes..........if you can see more........then you'll never be blind to the world.

Everything that has ever happened, can never be undone.

Angels will only appear, once you believe their real.

Be not afraid of demons, for their mere presence, confirm HIS existence . . .

GOD exist when you realize, that We; are all on one massive journey.

. . . and then I said to her . . .
your face and your words are Beautiful.

The day WILL cometh when All shall realize why they are for.

We all breathe at different times, but all under the same breath.

Don't waste your life getting old, spend your time growing older....

Sometimes, God & I play hide 'n seek......while me & the Devil play tag.


Favourite Quotes:

A problem well stated is a problem half solved. - Charles F. Kettering

People say that God is dead, but how can they think that if I show them the Devil?

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.

The wheel's still spinning, but the hamster's dead!

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. -buddha

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance. - buddha

Long you live and high you fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.

A kiss is wasted, if it is not tasted.

Logic is the systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence

There once was a Man they said was mad, the more He gave, the more He had.



Easyway to quick smoking - Allan Carr

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

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