We were all born in meditation. When our eyes were closed, we listened. A pulse for you. And again. Awaken.

lost & found

In the midst of a journey, without a destination, I am left with the
remains of an unsettled soul. As I embark on quest to befriend my doubts,
confront my hesitation, and to seek the knowledge to find the answers to
the questions, that I have not yet asked. The Moon is my reminder, and the
Wind is the voice, for the day this Sun is not on my side is the day it shine
not upon me. My Spirit is very much alive. On my mark, get set ......

July 11.07 5:52pm

In the middle is where I start; of the forest, with rocks as faces and trees that speak and move. A little beyond and above the green horizon, is the ever-changing painting with a forever gold star. Silent Beauty. The north chill is marinated with the warmth of the light star, it tastes healthy. Very soon there after comes the sweet dusk for dessert. The sky looks cold and it’s a warm night.

July 16.07 6:07pm
So much to do so little time. The little things I do give me so much time. I've been working on a project for the last 3 days. I saw a "tuff enuff" stick that had the potential to be a walking/hiking stick. It found me near the Terry Fox Memorial. I've enriched my time with this peace of wood. No plan, no strategy. Somehow this staff came to life, and somehow my hands made it so. Though I carved it into shape, it seemed like it had always been there. An Angel gave me a token which she dubbed a "traveling talisman". The final piece. Meant for protection while you travel and spiritual safety. And thus the path lay unveiled in front of me

July 18.07 3:48pm
The detachment of hitchhiking:

...and so I began the second leg, leaving behind some love, a few friends but mostly the part of me that belonged there. I repacked, with a lighter load and a more effective arsenal. Two of the most important things I quickly learned while hitching for a ride, first and foremost; Patience. I initiated this traveling task without high hopes. It was like a "cross-my-finger" sort of mentality. The second (and equally important) was Patience again. It is luck. Some have more luck than others, either way I was pretty content knowing that I just might never get a ride. Patience doubled over is the only way to maintain realism in a " luck-by -numbers" kind of world. And boredom, becomes a plague, soon thereafter. By harnessing the ability to truly appreciate every moment as if it is being written as it happens, the boredom simply goes away. I found a spot that met some useful criteria. Criteria that began as clues from a fellow traveler. This spot was easily a "prime locale". I surveyed it and quickly established my placement. My body was aching for rest, so I set up my flag, and waited for a connection. As time passed I could feel the air change temperature as the pink Sun found my face. I watched shadows dance slowly. By this time the mist had faded. There is so much to know, when your not thinking so much. Other parts of me start feeling more alive. The music I possessed was just enough to soften the growl of the gas machines going by. Which one would be my kind chariot? Waiting and writing. Met a tradesman on a similar journey, who brought me conversation. Some small talk to change up my time pace, and some smoke to fix my mild discomfort. Patiently waiting without any sense of frustration except for the vivid memory of that Angel face, locked in my closed eyes like a photo. It is warm outside now.

July 22.07 4:15pm
Thunder Bay-Ignace-Dryden-Kenora-Winnipeg

I'm so dark, I don't even recognize my own skin. The blazing sun, throughout the past 4 days has transformed my skin as well as my life. Camping out and running out of water. Got stuck in a glitch, which thinned out my hope, but the eventuality of Winnipeg finally arose. The tradesman ended up being a Sheppard for my cloudy vision. How lucky am I? It felt like luck but certainly surrounded by fate. Four days under the relentless Sun. Fighting through the burning air, rediscovering the strength of my soul with the aid of a companion. We indulged in conversation and simple games to keep our wits about us. Embracing frustration and tackling fatigue. 
All the while, smiling at nothing. The road is rough on the skin, but my mind gains a new revelation of truth and realism. Watching, waiting, learning and listening. And as the journey continues I discover the magnitude of my ignorance. The damage of many people becomes more evident. A somber outlook emerges as a result of witnessing so many mis-guided. Mis-guided from an already shady path. I can't help but feel that I am closer to my truth than I thought I was. My spiritual direction has evolved, from not just moving forward but also "rising up". Gentle creatures we are, so fragile at times that our decaying souls seem to slowly wither away. Man-made poisons makes Man un-made. Culture vultures I suppose? Gods neglected perhaps? Feeling extra helpless. I will feed you, I will embrace you, I will carry you, I will love you. This remains only a faint whisper in my dreams. I am humble, I am naive, I am a spirit, I believe.

Bella Pacifica

...and the stars innocently twinkle in the black backdrop behind the haunting peaks of the widow maker trees. I'm here. The beach, the water, the sun and the sand. They play together like children in this west land. Off in the distance the snowcaps watch and protect. I'm in love. The oceans golden reflection sparkles up an impossible way for a believable path. Thank you. I hear so much although it’s quiet, so I listen. Every pattern, a new wave, every rocky angle is meant to be. And in the hour of her essence she presents the glowing crescent. Life unfolds and is always unfolding. Confronted with the conflict of realities both far and beyond. Easy magic with the help of a hidden gem.

The trees know and the rocks will
remember how the ocean took me
to a place where there is no never.

The Peak. The "Peek". An immense glimpse of what is, and what was. A complete sensory overload followed by a meta-physical transformation of the utmost awareness. Quiet and serene, beautiful and surreal. I am more alive than ever before.


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